Susan Armstrong

President and CEO

Give her an inch, and she'll take you a mile:

  • 30+ years of experience marketing pretty much everything.
  • Has an unerring instinct for strategy.
  • Can do. Whatever it is.
  • So far ahead of the curve that she drove a Smart Car in high school. That’s right, Maxwell Smart’s original car. It’s still in the garage and Max wants it back.
  • Enjoys turning good profits, but goes absolutely gaga for good non-profits.

Mark Chamberlin

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Needs no introduction — a legend in the Wichita market:

  • 30 years of TV experience encompassing the entire building: anchor, news director, sales and marketing — and everything in between.
  • Not enough room on the Web to list his many accomplishments — but here’s a few: National Journalist in Space semifinalist; interviewed Presidents Carter and Bush Sr.; carried the Olympic Torch; ran the NYC Marathon; and countless community promotions.
  • Inspired by Benjamin Franklin — curious, creative, dedicated to improving society.

James Schisler

Director of Interactive Services

The guru of Google. The sultan of SEO. The oligarch of online marketing:

  • Always up to date on the latest trends in online advertising.
  • Able to translate a terrifying amount of data into English.
  • Born in a leap year, so, technically, he’s turning eight years old this year.

Lyndsey Mbawuike

Art Director

Good at making things look pretty. Even better at making an idea come to life:

  • Former Art Director at the Leo Burnett Agency in Chicago.
  • Always looking for the next great story.
  • Was a competitive gymnast for 11 years, which will come in handy when a client needs us to do some backflips.

Hal Hooper


Talented. Free-thinking. Relentless. Everything we look for in a writer:

  • Edgy writing matches his outspoken personality.
  • Fuels his curiosity by voraciously devouring the History Channel.
  • Rabid Internet gamer with a long, glorious history of “pwning noobz”.

Kathie Bowles

Accounting/Office Manager

Manages to run a tight ship — and be truly likeable:

  • Financial cog that keeps the whole company in gear.
  • Makes remarkably tangible sense of a largely intangible industry.
  • Rides a big, fast, chromed-out Harley-Davidson®.