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Looking to maximize your marketing efforts? We've got you covered as a top full service advertising agency in the Wichita area.

A history of excellence.

A stellar track record of success

In 1981, we opened our doors with a cornerstone goal: providing results-oriented marketing solutions for companies in the Wichita area. A lot has changed in the decades since, but one constant has been our steadfast resolve to meet our primary goal. From the very beginning, we believed great storytelling is the secret to successful marketing. And in spite of all that has changed in the industry, we still believe it now.


We know it takes a great story to become a bestseller.


Armstrong Chamberlin’s story isn’t just our story. Its a story of partnerships. Its a story with countless chapters and a cast of unforgettable characters.


Here are just a few bird’s eye level highlights:

  • Susan Armstrong started Armstrong Creative Services in 1981.
  • In 1990, Ed Shank joined the team and we changed our name to Armstrong|Shank Marketing Advertising and PR.
  • In 2011, we celebrated 30 years in business by contributing time and goods to 30 nonprofit agencies.
  • In 2012 we changed our name to Armstrong Chamberlin to recognize the contributions of Mark Chamberlin.



As you’d expect with any business that’s been around for 35+ years, we’ve seen our fair share of good times and bad. We’ve tackled countless challenges with clients of all sizes, and we’ve had great successes. Our favorite partners know that what we’ve done in the past isn’t’ nearly as exciting as what we can do in the future.

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