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Marketing with a Mission 2019


Searching for Independence Day 2018 - 4th of July 2018

Searching for Independence Day 2018

It's time to revisit one of the things I enjoy most about Google — the ability to look at data and investigate trends over a long period of time. This…

Handling Customer Complaints in an Online World

Handling Customer Complaints in an Online World

If you have owned a business for more than five years, you’ve probably noticed a difference in the way your customers express their satisfaction –…

Google Ads

Meet Google Ads, the evolution of Google Adwords

Way back in the year 2000, a little company called Google debuted its first advertising offering. I think about how much has changed in that 18 years…

Google Partner Connect

Our Google Partner Connect Series Continues

Our Google Partner Connect livestream event focusing on retail was a huge success. We covered a lot of the new features of Google My Business on top…

Amy Cuddy at TED2014 - The Next Chapter, March 17-21, 2014, All-Stars Session 3, Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, Canada. Photo: Bret Hartman

Rise and Shine: Standing Improves Performance

Here’s a simple way to improve your presentation style, and your success ratios for sales: Stand up. Leo (LAY-OH) Cardenas, an expert on body language…

Our Grow with Google Experience

Our Grow with Google Experience

When Google selected Wichita as a stop along its billion-dollar educational and community outreach project called Grow with Google, they retained Armstrong…

Help Stop the Google Scams and Robo-Calls

Help Stop the Google Scams and Robo-Calls

After Grow with Google Wichita and some of our other recent events, I decided it was time to post another update/pseudo-PSA on Google scam and robo-calls.…

Here comes the sun.

Here comes the sun, again

All the excitement over today’s solar eclipse has me reminiscing about a special event we planned many years ago around another eclipse on May 10, 1994.…