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Meet Susan

Give her an inch, and she'll take you a mile

"This has to be the world's best job. Every day, I work with a talented team of professionals who create amazing strategic ideas for our clients. We work hard. We laugh often. And, we are rewarded by the sincere appreciation of the businesses and organizations we serve. Our clients are smart. They make good business decisions. They trust us to tell their stories. Life is good."

Susan Armstrong

Susan Armstrong

  • 316.522.3000
  • 35+ Years
  • susan@armstrongchamberlin.com
  • Wichita, Kansas Area
Leader and Writer

More about Susan:

  • 30+ years of experience marketing pretty much everything.
  • Has an unerring instinct for strategy.
  • Can do. Whatever it is.
  • So far ahead of the curve that she drove a Smart Car in high school. That’s right, Maxwell Smart’s original car. It’s still in the garage and Max wants it back.
  • Enjoys turning good profits, but goes absolutely gaga for good non-profits.