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Nico Hernandez

PR — Public Relations

Knockout PR for an Olympic Medalist

Nico Hernandez PR Title Card
The Project:

Nico Hernandez PR

  • Project Type: Public Relations
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Client: Nico Hernandez

When Nico Hernandez needed help managing the hundreds of requests for public appearances, he put Armstrong Chamberlin in his corner. Additionally, we worked with Team NICO to secure news coverage about his professional debut after a successful Olympics run.

“The news conference organized by Armstrong Chamberlin really put Nico’s pro debut front and center and has helped grow Wichita’s boxing interest and community, as well as contributing to selling lots of tickets to the fight.”

This news event was covered by local and national TV, radio and print media and called attention to Nico’s pro debut. He continues to appear at functions each month and earn PR.

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