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Online Radio Advertising - Pandora Ads

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Internet Radio Pandora Title Card
The Project:

Pandora Online Radio Advertising

  • Project Type: Internet Radio Advertising
  • Project Year: On Going
  • Clients: Friends University

Online radio advertising offers precision targeting combined with massive scale. By taking the power of radio and pairing it with the accountability and interactivity of digital, we are able to provide customized advertising solutions that generate precise results based on actual listening by registered users.


Pandora takes the best of radio and digital to make planning, buying and measuring simple and accountable. And with local targeting, no impressions are wasted on people outside of your service area. Online radio advertising is a cost effective way to get results.


Pandora is bigger than the top 20 US Internet radio services combined, and listeners can enjoy Pandora wherever and whenever they like on mobile, web, tablet or in the car. Pandora has a proven return on investment whether your goal is higher engagement rates, lifts in brand metrics or more traffic.

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